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Moderation and presentation
What is moderation?
  • What to consider for moderation?
  • How to prepare for moderation?
  • Development of moderation
  • Opening and salutation
    Choice of subjects
    Subject adaptation
    Planning of activities
  • Questions – tools of a moderator
  • Strategies for problems resolutions
  • Interferences
  • Causes for interference and solutions
  • Types of attendants

everything is possible
What is a presentation?
  • How to prepare for a presentation
    1. ... the subject
    2. ... the goal
    3. ... the attendants
    4. ... the content
    5. ... the course of action
  • Checklist for the opening
  • Checklist for the main part
  • Checklist for the conclusion
  • How to organize a presentation
    1. The areal organization
      Checklist for the room
    2. Preparation of the media
      Guidelines for creating a presentation
    3. Time management
    4. Preparation of attendants’ documents
    5. Personal preparation
Giving the presentation
  • Guidelines for the opening
  • Guidelines for the encouragement of the attendants’ concentration
  • Guidelines for dealing with the material
  • Guidelines for the conclusion
Dealing with interferences and complications
  • Interferences
  • Follow ups for the presentation
Fear of talking and nervousness
  • 10 suggestions how to deal with the fear of talking
  • How to reduce your fear of talking
  • Stress reduction – Increasing confidence
  • Seven stress busters