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Sales Training II
Advanced Course for “Learning sales”

The advanced course “Learning sales” part II follows up the content of the course part I. We aim at repeating, consolidation, and enriching the content of the first part. Training activities like sales role plays and considerably, the training of communication skills on the telephone are in the main focus.

Content expansion in comparison to part I:
  • The moderation
  • Talking effectively
  • Four aspects of news (after Schultz von Thun)
  • Four modes of perception
  • To express negative thoughts in a positive way
  • Killer phrases
  • Intensifying factors for closing the deal
  • Product presentation
  • Establishing of an active talk (opening a conversation, needs test, cost and benefit argumentation, dealing with objections, closing the conversation with settling an appointment)
Tutorial sales training:
  • Maximization of performance
  • Think positively
  • Improve your expression
  • Target objective / accomplishing targets
  • Contact phase
  • Talking effectively
  • Opening of a conversation
  • Body language
  • Needs and motives
  • Who asks will lead
  • Listening carefully
  • Demand trend
  • Techniques of argumentation / Benefit argumentation
  • Dealing with objection
  • Demonstration
  • Signals for willingness to buy
  • Price objection
  • Discount discussion
  • Closing techniques

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