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Sales training I
Basic and advanced course for “Learning sales”
Requirements for successful sales
  • Maximization of performance
  • Objective target
  • Accomplishing target
Basic sales knowledge
  • Basic principles of communication
  • Suicide words / Irritating words / Irritating phrases
  • Question techniques / Types of questions
  • Listening carefully
  • Customer requirements analysis
  • Phases of a sales conversation
Contact phase
  • Positive atmosphere for dialogue
  • Equal conversational partner / Mutual interests
  • Customer information
  • Communication tool body language
Offer phase
  • Presentation of product and service benefits
  • Demand trend
  • Argumentation technique
  • Degradation of inhibitions and impediments
  • Dealing with objection
  • Signal for willingness to buy
  • Price discussion
  • Closing techniques and trigger for reactions
  • Intensifier

convincing and selling