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Conflict management
The term conflict
  • Kinds of conflicts
  • Variety of conflict behavior
    Logical and objective performance
    Emotional behavior
    Relationship oriented behavior
  • Communication as an expression of your inner point of view
Causes for conflicts
  • Phases of a conflict process
  • Selective perception
  • Diverse experience
  • Different values and norms
Methods of conflict handling
  • Strategic preparation
  • Analysis of the counterparty
  • The three-phase-model of conflict articulation
Strategies for conflict resolutions
  • Avoid
  • Enforce
  • Comply
  • Compromise
  • Co-operation
  • Mediation as conflict resolution
Conflict culture
  • Analysis of the conflict situation
  • Development of a model for future conflicts
  • Revising conflicts in a team
Conflicts as chances
  • For positive development on a rational and content level
  • For positive development on a value level

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