Press releases


Berlin, January 2009 New Management: Andreas Pallushek

As from February 1, 2009 Andreas Pallushek will take over the management execution of timefox Pvt. Lt. for the region Germany. His hitherto key responsibilities for the departments Merger & Acquisiton and Real Estate Financing will remain in his hands. During a short transition period Andreas Pallushek and Thomas Pallushek worked together and arranged gradually their delegations. “I am pleased that we were able to win Andreas Pallushek as our designated director for timefox Germany. I am convinced that our success story will not only continue but will also gain fresh impulses”, Thomas Pallushek explains.

The founder and former CEO Thomas Pallushek will join the advisory board and support the company with words and deeds. In the future, he focuses on the expansion of timefox management consultancy on the international market. Furthermore, Mr. Thomas Pallushek will concentrate on the development of national and international corporate strategies. Mrs. Melanie Rolf will also join the advisory board effective from February, 1, 2009 and will temporarily advise the HR department.


Berlin, August 2008 New Partner of timefox

After a tug of war timefox management consultancy was finally able to get Andreas Pallushek from the international financing segment to join the company. Mr. Andreas Pallushek can look back to two decades of successful management of a medium-sized company. Three years ago he was appointed by an international financial service provider. Additionally, he will continue working for them.
The timefox management and the team are happy to welcome the financial expert as our new sales director. In this position, Andreas Pallushek shall develop the department M&A as well as the segment Real Estate Finance.


Berlin, February 2008 Project meltinminds

Due to a spin-off timefox management consultancy was able to push the development of their webbased CRM tool. The strategic partnership between the elite university Jakobs Universität Bremen represented by Prof. Baumann and L3S research center of the University of Hannover represented by Prof. Bahlke, has contributed considerably to the success of the project. Furthermore, Mr. Wim Oude-Kotte, financial auditor from the Netherlands, functioned as a personal interface for important international investors who were willing to join the project. For further procurement of investor groups, Mr. Pallushek and Ms. Rolf are currently on a venture tour in Pao Alto, USA.


Berlin, August 2007 timefox has a new partner

We are pleased to announce Melanie Rolf our new team member and our new strong partner. The graduate of national economics and human medicine has acquired skills in the fields of recruiting and human resources development. With her knowledge and expertise she will complete our portfolio. Ms. Rolf is the designated HR director and will take care of the organizational development of the timefox’ clients. The timefox team wishes her a successful start.


Berlin, December 2005 Class action against GASAG AG

After a high number of enquiries timefox management consultancy has decided to file suit against GASAG. In the past GASAG has increased their charges conspicuously. The experienced attorney for civil law and corporate lawyer Detlef Pahnke Lietzber is in charge. He has successfully filed similar cases already. (Municipal and Sanitation Company Berlin BSR) More than 700 prosecutors state with timefox the lack of transperancy concerning the pricing. We were confident that this legal action would turn out positively for the clients, says managening director and attorney Thomas A. Pallushek.


Geneva, June 2005 timefox in the hall of fame in the head quarter of Minivox S.A.

Last Wednesday timefox has been nominated for the eligible Wall of Fame in Geneva by Ms. Renata von Paczinsky (representative of Minivox S.A.). On July 1, 2005 Mr. Marco Spadini expressed his esteemed confidence and gave his special thanks to Mr. Pallushek. In more than two years the Minivox Group Germany experienced strategic consultation which led to stability due to intelligent HR improvement for the associated companies. The mentoring resulted in sustainable growth and competitive edge for Minivox Germany.


November 20, 2003 timefox management consultancy says good bye to Microsoft – IT changeover to Linux successfully completed

timefox management consultancy announces the successful IT changeover to the operation system Linux. As from November 20, 2003 our skilled IT-Manager Holger Hoffmann managed the all-embracing reorganization shortly before the partnership with Microsoft ended. The high demands of recertification do not meet the high effort and costs particularly as the product is regarded rather dubious concerning data security. If nothing else this decision was also made with regard to current economic-political developments in America.

All tasks, like the entire office management, design of the website, and network administration can now be accomplished with the Linux software.

The successful implemention shows the comprehensive qualities of Linux at a point of time when companies are actually consider putting a software system with cost into operation. timefox management consultancy is again able present itself as an innovative corporation and values the significance of independent software solutions. Not only public service institutions but also medium-sized companies follow that trend.

“We trust the most recent LINUX-Version which is provided by SUSE”, says managening director Thomas Pallushek since SUSE LINUX 9.0 persuades with a high amount of innovative applications, which makes the access for new users easier. Furthermore, Linux guarantees more flexibility for the development of our IT structur compared to other service providers. Last but not least Linux meets the high requirements of software stability and security against virus attacks.

timefox management consultancy supports you reorganizing your IT structure with Linux.


September 10, 2003 Timefox management consultany in strong alliance with American company



The increasing unemployment quota in combination with political resentment and the fear of losing their jobs were reasons to provide new alternatives for the job market, states Mr. Pallushek, director of timefox management consultancy. Pallushek gives an illustration of the approach of the energetic company Excel/VarTec.
Financial World rated this company with an A+ and claims its high potential. Their sales focus on competitive products and services in the areas of telecommunication, e.g. low priced rates for local and long distant calls. The key for their success is not only the liberalization of the challenged market but also the creation of a new professional platform. Their products are reasonably priced and save costs. No notification and registration and no minimum contract terms are other unique selling points for sales representatives and users.

The growth potential should be adapted for the German market. Pallushek explains that the product was decicive nowadays but also important was the motivation of those who live and sell the product to satisfy one’s personal needs. Everyone can decide for either a part time or full time occupation. We make an effort to contribute that - ideally - also third parties are able to accomplish their goals. Everyone can live their talent. As an all-embracing training company we support everyone who interested according to their wants.
We also offer consulting for corporate personalities who have decided to found their own business.



“EXCEL was awarded with winning the first place in the category: ”Business from home for women.“ Establish companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon, and Tupperware were outdistanced by Excel:”


July 7, 2002 From new economy to establishe economy
Timefox – throwing away the franchise corset

The keynote of franchising is mostly the strict postulated approach of selling an approved, successful concept to a new market. Due to different basics not every good idea will lead automatically to success. The cost –value-ratio for franchising is often not favorably for the value. The support and consultation provided by the franchisor is often incompetent and curbs purposely own initiatives. Why spend money, if the system is not lucrative?
Again this year three German franchisees from an international networt failed. Locations like Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Berlin were driven into bankruptcy due to false advicing. The knowledgeable attorney for employment Stefan Hagen, knows this phenomena from his working routine: “A lot of companies take the second step before the first step. Often both parties agree on a commitment contract without knowing the necessary economic, personnel, and organizational requirements. These requirements should be carefully checked and approved before entering the battle field.” Attorney Hagen also knows the consequences: “Due to that incautiousness stoutly conflicts and financial difficulties are created. In most cases such a tattered ship will not reach the harbor.”
Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved – that is the corporate philosophy of timefox management consultancy which was founded this year in Berlin. Their name is their motto. “timefox” represents fast, consequent, and target-oriented operation of the old new economy company in favor of a new management consultancy and independent training and professional education company. timefox founder Thomas A. Pallushek explains: “We want to support our clients to use Human Resources efficiently- as it is the most lucrative capital. You can make use of the time you have won and increase your company’s success.” timefox has already database of more than 13,000 clients available and numerous partners such as Microsoft, e-plus, and Regus.
Thomas Pallushek, lawyer with emphasis on economic law, knows from experience that nowadays new perspectives, flexibility, and innovative structures are more than necessary for sustainable corporate success. In 1998 during the flourishing time of the new economy he was the first franchisee of internationally leading training company for computing and opened his own dependence in Berlin.
Based on the positive image of the American parent company banks were open-minded to this new concept. The investment volume was at that time 1,8 Mill. Deutsche Mark. The company found an office with 1,800 m2 space in a 1B-area and employed 35 people. High costs and too euphoric prognosises of the franchisors for the region Berlin-Brandenburg led to great financial pressure. In the end Mr. Pallushek resigned but the experience he gained from that 20 year-old company persuaded the banks, and he was able to found timefox.
The team is a multidisciplinary fusion of 60 trainers on a freelance basis and 10 distribution agents which have specialed in various fields of business.
“The home office has become essentially”, says Thomas Pallushek. “Utilizing the technical facilities our employees have the opportunity to access the database from any place worldwide.” The employee skills need to be used accordingly. If a company puts theirs staff in readymade segments it leaves no space for innovation and can cause frustration. timefox gives their consultants the opportunity to chose if they prefer to work at home or if want to use the office facilities. Usually all consultant are graduates.
International experienced employees enrich the company with their substaintiated working experience and additional know-how, like Prof. Dr. Thomas Amling, expert for economics and former head of divisional controlling of the Daimler Chrysler Services AG. Moreover, we are glad to have Michael Krings on our team, a training manager who is sociologist, pedagogue, and psychologist. Furthermore, timefox co-operates with the University of Berlin (TU Berlin) and the University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economy in Leipzig. Students and graduates are given the opportunity to work in practical projects which prepare them for the start of their professional career.
For the entire network you only need to know: “A leisure oriented approach of working does not apply to timefox’ corporate philosophy. Due to the company’s indistinctive hierarchy timefox generates a co-operative basis which makes us “act in concert” and, furthermore, makes us live with our clients. Additionally, the lucrative commission basis gives meritocratic incentives”, says Pallushek.
timefox offers a wide range of services such as management consultancy for the fields of marketing, distribution, corporate websites, media and public relations, in addition to individual as well as group coaching, and trainings and seminars. Our range of services includes communication, team development, conflict management, sales training, customer orientation, presentation and telephone training.
Currently, the distribution segment of Flyline, a subsidiary of British Airways, is nationwide coached by timefox. Paul Scodellaro, director of distribution, explains his decision in favour for this particular management consultancy in the following: “The flexibility and the compentence to find business solutions are inspirational. We will train our employees in a practical oriented way in the division of customer relations. We apply the high quality educational procedures which have been developed on a modulary basis. As being a medium-sized company it is our responsibility to give innovative companies the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Futhermore, with support by Thomas Pallushek we were able to develop positive synergistic effects with other networks. Therefore, we can grant added value when we provide a Customer Contact Center on the market.”
Innovation would ensure corporate stability declares Professor Amling, because: “Transfer of knowledge, education, and consultation are made for the intelligent deployment of freelancers. Timefox follows that path and thus, runs flexible, networked, and experienced teams with reasonable costs. Clients benefit from that.”