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General term and conditions of timefox management consultany Pvt. Lt.

Placing of orders
Placing of orders for the enforcement of seminars / coaching have to be handed in in written form and will be processed in the order of their arrival since there is only a limited number of participants per seminar. You become entitled to take part in a seminar after placing the order. In case of a club member ship or in case of subscription for training coupons you are entitled to attend other seminars with different content.
Registration for seminars
Registrations have to be handed in in written form to the attention of timefox management consultancy. With the registration the participant accepts general terms and conditions.
If required the client needs to verify that the overall costs have not or only in small amount been generated. timefox management consultancy reserves the right to asserts higher costs. Cancelling or rebooking of already confirmed seminar dates have to be handed in written form to the attention of timefox management consultancy. The same applies for cancelling or rebooking of training courses. Rebookings are free of charge if they are handed in three working days prior to the event. Otherwise we charge an administrational fee of 50 Euros. In case of cancellation and rebooking of less than 5 working days (Monday to Friday) prior to the seminar or in case of the participantís absence the participant cannot claim attendance but is entitled to receive the seminar documents. For club members and coupon subscribers different agreements apply. Cancelling and rebooking of a seminar are not considered cancellation of the order.
The customer service representative will inform you about the seminar fees. All prices include VAT.
Seminar timings
Seminars start on the first day at 9:00 am and end at 4:30 pm; on the following days the timings shall be announced during the seminar. Change of seminar timings are given due notice.
Invoice Practice/ Terms of Payment
Presentions, project processing plan, or concrete strategy plans that are provided for the client are services that are in deduction of the total account. In case of akonto payments for events the entitlement for revindication is not applicable if the event had not or only partially taken place, provided that the investments for that event had been placed. If the costs exceed the akonto costs another invoice, working hours exclusive, can be claimed. The invoice or the akonto payment will be issued after the order is placed. The invoiced amount is immediately due and the payment has to be made without deduction before the seminar start, latest 7 days after the invoice has been received.
timefox does not assume liability for damages that were caused by your legal representative, assistant, or employee; except for intention and neglicence. In the case of cancellation of the seminar due to trainerís sickness, insufficient number of participants as well as an act of God or other reasons which have not been caused by timefox management consultancy, the participant cannot claim execution of the seminar or coaching. No liability for consequential damage, especially loss of profit or claims of third parties. In those cases timefox will offer an alternate date.
The selection of a course is entitled to the client. The chosen seminar will be carefully prepared and executed. We do not assume liability for given advice or the implementation of the acquired knowledge.
The given seminar documents are not to be reproduced or handed out to third parties without explicit written consent of timefox management consultancy.
Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal for every kind of order is not intended.

Court of jurisdiction
The court of jurisdiction for all legal disputs is Stuttgart.

These general terms and conditions are binding even if some conditions become legally ineffective. Alterations and amendments of these conditions needed to be placed in written form.