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Subject Outdoor Training

Use the power of nature and regain new strength for your personal development and the development for your team. That necessarily implies that you need to be aware of your team membersí characteristics. The DIALOGUE is the essential element of every team learning unit. The participants experience teamwork and communication while fulfilling tasks which primarily happen to take place outside.


Emphasis on:

Training of perception and observation

  • Training of sensible observation of the individual / the team
  • Self-perception / Outsiderís perception
  • Improving sensitivity towards others and dismantling of prejudices

Improving communication behavior

  • Agreement on and practicing of rules of communication
  • Development of rules of communication
  • Practicing the feedback technique

Capability to co-operate

  • Interactive tasks to improve contructive participation
  • Strengthning of the ability to make contacts and reducing reservations

Capability of conflict management

  • The group solves the dispute. Even hidden conflicts are resolvable
  • Be aware of your mistakes and weaknesses without building barriers, without blocking

Boost up self-confidence

  • Actions which create positive experience, actions which can result in borderline experience
  • Definition of your position in a team
  • Stabilization of personal identity


Decision making processes

  • Work out the stages of decision making processes
  • Enhancing creativity and willingness to innovative modification

Developing a team profile / Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

  • Teamwork to improve the outsiderís perception of the group

Developing and evaluating an action plan

  • At the end of every event mutual joint action plans are developed whose implementations can be tested in future sessions

Accomplishing with our spectrum of outdoor and incentive elements:

  • Practicing self-perception / outsiderís perception
  • Building up trust by practicing co-operation
  • Experience oriented interaction and problem solution tasks
  • Orientation training with map and compass
  • Project tasks like constructing a raft and building a bridge
  • Low and high rope course training
  • Excursion to a original, thousand-year-old cave with subsurface rappelling in a canyon
  • Adventure trip to South Norway (Aust-Agdar, most southern mountain range Norwayís with widespread forests, clear rivers and lakes) with activities like: hiking, canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, archery, rafting, horse riding
  • Mountain climbing, free climbing in France (Provence), in Thailand, or also in German regions like Saxonian Elbe Sandstone Mountains
  • Individual Event Management


The trainers

The seminars are managed by teams of trainers whose backgrounds are psychology, social- and leisure education, sports science, and various kinds of sports.

Besides special professional education in the areas of communication psychology and leisure education, empathy and social responsibility are the important criteria of an excellent trainer profile. The trainers should be able to create an atmosphere in which everybody can learn and develop. They should be able to maintain sensitive process companionship and to reflect their own behavior and use the results for educating the group.