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Identify potential – Develop potential

In cooperation with strategic partners we collect - with the help of our computer supported test procedure - the concrete relevant qualification profiles of your employees.

That specific test procedure combines substantial advantages of assessment centers and psychological test methods. An accredited economic psychological test procedure of German business practice forms the basis for our screening method and enables a flexible combination of relevant and qualitative characteristics. Thereby it makes content-oriented and efficient working possible.


The participant answers primarily questions which focus on their everyday working behavior. The computer supported test enforcement and the follow up analysis are financially efficient, assure necessary objectivity, and therefore are welcomed by the participants.

That service enables us to adjust precisely your company’s assessment center. Moreover, the individual diagnosed potentials will constitute the best fundament for trainings / coaching with a sustainable effect on the development of your personnel.


For our clients it is of high interest to predict certain aspects of their business success from the test results. There is a strong correlation between statements about the executives and prediction of monetary variables in terms of success. The test procedure is valid – the test detected what it was supposed to be detected.


When should you actually consider using this test procedure?

For selecting and appointing employees
Integration of selection- and evaluation processes of applicants and employees

For preparing coaching and training arrangement
Utilization of the results for the entity specific conceptual design of coaching and training arrangements

In the course of personnel development projects
Indication for the need of staff and team development


A selection of approved test alternatives
All testable characteristics at a glance

 To the onlinetest 

The test system was awarded with the Alfred-Binet-Award for the best inovative development in the fields of computer assisted diagnostics.