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Transfer of knowledge in economics in co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics in Leipzig, Germany.
We managed to create an interdisciplinary exchange due to the premium cooperation of timefox and Prof. Dr. Thomas Amling. We give qualified students, who have passed their intermediate exams, the opportunity to work in practical projects und prepare them for their start of their professional career.
Innovations which were developed for academic research projects by timefox and students in their final stage were implemented in companies. Hence, these had an effect on the real business world.


  In lively exchange with the local Federal Office for Work and Employment we educate qualified employees. We also prepare them for entering new positions by successful completing of additional professional qualifications. timefox’ constant quality management is only one of many approaches to guarantee a long lasting relationship. Especially, the placement of academics by the Federal Office for Work and Employment supplies the economy with a compelling amount of employees who are willing to break new grounds. Our employment placement quota increases continuously.