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Group coaching

In order to coach a group it should not exceed a limit of 15 persons in case there is only one coach. Therefore, groups that count more than 15 persons should be ideally parted and be advised by several coaches. Or else the result will suffer quality. The setting of a group coaching hardly allows the discussion of confidential and personal topics because the barrier to talk about these sensitive subjects is higher in a group than in a private situation. The intensity of the advisory relationship to each member is lesser compared to individual coaching and also curbs the opportunities to intervene.

If group coaching is used as an instrument for the development of the human resources department it can, however, be advantageous if the group members apply their knowledge and contribute their experience. The substantial range of knowledge concerning work routine can be helpful and considered as an essential fundament for synergetic effects, for instance, while developing problem resolutions.

Another benefit of group coaching is the in- and output of several persons which can help finding solutions for problems. In the future that can lead to a better and more efficient working atmosphere. Through focusing on more than one person - in contrast to individual coaching - inappropriate conclusions and pursuing single-sided interests can be avoided in group coaching.