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Individual Coaching

With individual coaching only one person will be advised by the coach. Usually, the contents are of profoundly personal and professional matters. While working together intensively a neutral relationship between client and advisor is more than necessary in order to be successful.

During individual coaching the concerns of the client are managed with special diligence and if desired can also be handled on a long term basis.

In addition, employment of individual coaching provides the possibility to change the behavior and attitude towards the job, also the attitude of senior executives. This exclusive, intensive, and confidential work allows ad hoc reports and gives enough space for various concepts.

Due to interaction of two parties individual coaching should not create any discrepancy between advisor and client. Both parties should be on a par with each other otherwise it might affect the relationship in a bad way. The coaching might turn out to be counterproductive if the advisor is regarded inferior to the client. This is especially important while coaching senior managers who might easily doubt their consultants if they are not regarded as equals.