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Systematic specifications

Systematic specifications give the chance to uncover unconscious sources of irritation in your system “company”.

Challenges of the daily work routine can be met and resolved with the support of the systematic specifications. It starts with the analysis of problems (what is the problem?), going to the intervention (What do I have to do?) further to the prognosis (What is going to happen next and what would consequently be the next step?).
It is important to understand that not only individual persons but also units (like teams, departments, and companies) can barely resolve a challenge without quantifying the different aspects. In consequence, we would react to something without knowing what it actually is. The usual explanations are commonly a lack of motivation, insufficient communication, poor visions, and other intervening factors. The true cause, however, would remain indistinct.

Interventions like educational schemes and individual coaching would fail success. With systematic specifications the actual cause for problems is brought to light and businesses processes can be efficiently improved after the employment of conventional procedures.


This way of solving problems through specifications can trigger off social indifferences. In that case timefox makes use of the method of representation, which can be applied anonymously. The method of representation allows a person represents the concerns of another person. Consequently, a phenomenological approach applies which cannot be physically explained. Still it is there. The representatives empathizes with the genuine person, feels and acts like the “originals”. That will bring indications for various unknown fields of problems into light which will form the basis for further applicable instruments.