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Project management

Project management – an overview

  • What is project management?
  • Criteria for successful project management
  • Variety of projects
  • Why project management?
  • Illustration: savings of costs and time

The elements of project management

Task managers

  • The project manager
  • The project team

The implementation of project management for a company

In general

Implementation problems

Course of action

  • Seven steps

    The project management guideline

  • Matrix of flow of information
  • Sample outline of a PM guideline

    The project work

    Important requirements for the project work

    The schedule of a project

    • Pre-project phase
    • Table target planning
    • Situation analysis
    • Target setting
    • Illustration target hierarchy
    • Form target weighting
    • Example PSP (project structure plan): “Implementation of project management”
    • Check list for development of a project structure plan
    • Formation and definition of project
    • Project test
    • Project plan
    • Form for project order

    Project development

    • Form for mile stone definition
    • Phase of problem analysis
    • Concept phase
    • Refined concept phase
    • Phase of project realization
    • Phase of project close-out
    • Illustration project phase schedule
    • Cycle of problem solutions
    • Work methods
    • Overview work technique

    Project planning

    In general

    Structural planning
    Schedule Planning
    Estimation of effort and resource planning
    Costs planning
    Risk analysis
    Project planning and project controlling
    Project close-out

    Daily clearing

  • driving sales and creating success