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Due to increasing demand we have decided to offer professional education for becoming a timefox trainer. With our practical oriented training we create the basis for your personal development and also for your professional career. The timefox management consultancy aims at identifying current challenges, adapting suggestions, giving impulses, and assisting you on your way.

The three elements of our training

1. Fast and simple instruments for analysis and intervention

The pacing development of our society and their economy makes it necessary to find quick answers and solutions for various questions. Therefore, it is important to utilize models and instruments which help you analyzing certain situations in short time, suggesting changes, and predicting future progress. We work with the method of systematic assembly which is custom sized for each trainer’s requirements. We establish a strong fundament for your professional success.

2. Effective methods of communication

The company’s employees are their most valuable resource. The company’s access depends highly on the performance. In order to ensure success and to support the performance the coach needs to use methods that are easy to apply and that have sustainable effect. We work with the well known method of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP targets on communicating effectively. Communication is efficient if it has a positive and long lasting effect on behavior and experience.

3. Practice

It needs practice to utilize your skills and to apply your knowledge. In our course we emphasize on praxis. We practice in small groups how to make use of the things you have learned. Even after seminar hours we build small groups in order to deepen our knowledge. We also give the opportunity and support to do a manager shadow at timefox. Furthermore, you will also work with your own clients.


Solution oriented handling of clients: Observing problems
Systematic working in individual and group meetings: The toolbox
Managing changes: Obstacles and chances
Managing target: Experience problem solving
Managing “killer phrases”: Solution oriented leading by asking
Managing perception: Listening is not thinking
Managing resources: Discover personal treasures
Managing feedback: Creative communication in the working routine
Managing beliefs: What can you believe
Managing anger and anxiety: What is behind these feelings
Managing decisions: Discover opportunities
Managing clients: Quotes and order processing

Get to know us

Visit our introductory course

Happiness, Success, and other Worries -
Managing personal changes and success

Have a look at our company. You will have the opportunity to experience timefox competence and quality: Working, Health, Education, Relationships, Money, and Spirituality are essential aspects of the observation.

Answer these three questions and we will guide you to achieve your targets:
  • Which aspects of your life do you want to change?
  • Which aspects do you like, which aspects do you not like?
  • What exactly do you want to change?
Moreover, we focus on the following:
  • Why do we get stuck in the middle of our personal development? Why do we do not continue once we got stuck?
  • What are the barriers and where are the chances?
  • Why are there so many dreams which have not come true and how do I get useful feedback for new ideas?
  • How do I manage difficult decisions?
  • Why does knowledge not automatically guarantee success?
After we have received your registration we send you the starter kit. You can get prepared and focus on your personal goals and strategies. For people who are interested in becoming a timefox coach this seminar is regarded as preparation and fundament for further decision making.

Dates and timings

To be announced soon…



Einführung 22.02.2008 – 24.02.2008
Freitag 18.00 Uhr - 21.00 Uhr
Samstag 11.00 Uhr - 19.00 Uhr
Sonntag 10.00 Uhr - 17.00 Uhr

Seminar 1 14.03.2008 – 16.03.2008

Seminar 2 18.04.2008 – 19.04.2008
Seminar 3 16.05.2008 – 18.05.2008
Seminar 4 13.06.2008 – 15.06.2008
Seminar 5 18.07.2008 – 20.07.2008
Seminar 6 15.08.2008 – 17.08.2008
Seminar 7 19.09.2008 – 21.09.2008
Seminar 8 17.10.2008 – 19.10.2008
Seminar 9 14.11.2008 – 16.11.2008
Seminar 10 12.12.2008 – 14.12.2008
Seminar 11 16.01.2009 – 18.01.2009
Seminar 12 13.02.2009 – 15.02.2009


EUR 380,- Introductory Course
free of charge for the timefox Coach – educational training

EUR 3350,- timefox Coach - educational training

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Task Bar
Get to know us
Dates and timings